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With the knowledge, experience and top resources – we are the premier choice for tree services and related commercial and residential projects. With Certified Arborists on staff, you can be assured of the quality and professional work that you are looking for when it comes to the beauty and safety of your property.

Our services include tree trimming, cutting, pruning, stump grinding and removal; emergency removals and land clearing.

Your search for a reliable, experienced, and fully insured team of tree service experts has ended. Let Absolute Tree Company demonstrate the difference between being just competent and being great. Call today for a free project analysis and estimate.

Tree Removal
Sometimes it is necessary to remove trees.  In some cases, the tree may not be a desirable species for a given location.   Another reason is, trees will often be damaged structurally during a wind or ice storm.  Also trees can fall victim to insect or disease damage which, left unchecked, can pose a hazard to life and property. While a dead, damaged, or diseased tree out in the woods or in a swamp will provide a great habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, the same tree in a high traffic location, such as near a house, driveway, or children’s play area should be removed immediately.  Call now for a free consultation with a certified arborist from Absolute Tree Company.

Tree Pruning
We offer a variety of pruning options, such as, complete crown cleaning( dead wood removal, diseased wood, etc). Thinning to allow more sunlight to penetrate the canopy and to reduce sail effect during periods of high wind. Canopy raising for roof clearance and service wires. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Roof clearance:
Some limbs of a tree can grow too close to your roof. If you see moss and lichens growing on your roof you probably have some limbs growing too close.  Lichens secrete acid that breaks down roof shingles drastically reducing the useful life of your roof.  Pruning limbs at least 8′-10′ away from your roof will allow more sunlight and airflow to reach these areas.

Having problems growing grass?  We can thin your trees canopy to allow more sunlight to your lawn.  This in conjunction with canopy raising can often solve this problem.  Thinning also has an added benefit of reducing the “sail effect” during periods of high wind.

Structural pruning:
Structural pruning is important to maintain strong, sturdy growth.  Eliminating weak or poorly developed limbs will ensure strength and structural integrity.   This type of pruning is optimal on young trees to achieve proper limb structure and a dominant central leader.


charleston tree removal

Note how close the home, fence and pool were to the removed tree. Click to Enlarge.

We pride ourselves in our ability to move literally tons of weight and mass out of the sky and into our truck without harm to the garden below or the house alongside. It’s complicated, noisy work requiring skill, experience and hard physical labor – and we love it. Whatever the reason, our experience and equipment will provide a safe and successful project.

We have all of the necessary equipment, man-power and experience to do the job right – every time. We pride ourselves on quality work and we invite you to check out our Charleston Tree Removal reviews.

No matter what your tree service needs are, from removal to trimming to pruning, planting and more – make Absolute Tree Company your choice of Charleston or Mount Pleasant arborist.

We invite you to visit our SERVICES PAGE for more information…or you can simply call us to get a FREE ESTIMATE TODAY.