Tree Trimming

Trees need trimming for a variety of reasons. Branches may be encroaching upon buildings, power lines, driveways, walkways and roadways. Trees often block desirable views, sunlight and visibility while entering roadways. Proper trimming can reduce weight and thickness that may threaten a trees ability to withstand wind and ice. And of course, aesthetic trimming will beautify the shape and size of your trees.

Root systems are vital to the health and longevity of trees. A shallow-rooted tree growing in soft soil or rain soaked soil combined with high winds is at risk of toppling. If wind can pass through a tree easily, it is less likely to blow over. Therefore, thin your trees to help protect them from hurricanes and other storms.

Poor pruning practices that encourage decay are pruning too close to the trunk, leaving long stubs, “topping trees,” or stripping bark when pruning. Pruning either corrects problems or creates them. If pruning is done improperly, it can create places for decay to enter. Done correctly, pruning wounds should close over naturally, keeping decay from starting and expanding in the wound area.

Our experience and knowledge of proper trimming techniques will ensure a professional result. Our goal in trimming your trees is to have the highest positive impact on your trees while focusing on optimal foliage removal. We concentrate on reduction of foliage to prevent stressed or weakened trees, which attract disease and pests. With our accurate collar cuts, we can enhance healing through compartmentalization and cambium growth.