Palm Care

palm-carePalm Tree pruning is a specific process requiring skill and expertise. Arborists caution palms are delicate should not be over pruned.

Reasons to prune palm trees:

  • Prune to remove dead or dying fronds that may become a home to pests
  • Dead fronds are a potential fire hazards, especially near buildings or homes
  • Increase visibility and safety near driveways or sidewalk
  • Prevent damage to buildings or homes during high winds
  • Aesthetic appeal to remove dead fronds, boots, fruit, seeds and flowers

Start by determining if your palms need to be pruned.

  1. Inspect the tree for broken, dead, brown or yellow fronds.
  2. Look for loose petioles or boots on the trunk.
  3. Assess the seed pods or flowers as they take strength away from the palm. Look for large clusters of these pods.