Charleston Tree Removal

charleston tree removal

Check out this Huge Tree that was removed to protect the home and pool. Click to Enlarge!

We all want to preserve every tree possible and especially some of more beautiful, old-growth trees that are prevalent in the Low Country of Charleston, South Carolina. However, there are instances when a tree simply has to be removed. Trees can become a hazard to the structural integrity of surrounding construction such as homes, commercial buildings, pools and more. Your tree may have been hit by lightning or it may need to be removed due to space considerations.

Their roots may be threatening a foundation or invading plumbing, there may be issues of tree illnesses or death, the tree may become a liability rather that an asset. With the best of intentions, people plant the wrong tree in the wrong location and sometimes there is no alternative to having it removed.

Absolute Tree Company offers the very best in Charleston Tree Removal services.

charleston tree removal

Note how close the home, fence and pool were to the removed tree. Click to Enlarge.

We pride ourselves in our ability to move literally tons of weight and mass out of the sky and into our truck without harm to the garden below or the house alongside. It’s complicated, noisy work requiring skill, experience and hard physical labor – and we love it. Whatever the reason, our experience and equipment will provide a safe and successful project.

We have all of the necessary equipment, man-power and experience to do the job right – every time.  We pride ourselves on quality work and we invite you to check out our Charleston Tree Removal reviews.

No matter what your tree service needs are, from removal to trimming to pruning, planting and more – make Absolute Tree Company your choice of Charleston or Mount Pleasant arborist.

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Our Service Area

We are proud to service most all of the Low Country area and we have served thousands of customers in each of the communities below.

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Absolute Tree has among THE BEST in Customer Reviews and Testimonials in the region and we invite you to check those out as well. When emergencies occur, count on the tree service company that thousands of property owners in the Mount Pleasant area have come to depend on.