plural noun: arborists

a tree surgeon.

What is an Arborist? When should you hire one?


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Those are all good questions and surprisingly many people don’t know the answers. That’s why we’ve taken the time to address those questions here. An Arborist is a professional who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining trees and other woody plants.

The title “ARBORIST” refers to a person who has gained the technical competence to correctly and efficiently care for trees. Arborists are generally called upon to evaluate the condition of trees, make recommendations for their care, and then provide services needed such as pruning, fertilization, and insect and disease control. Above all, the arborist is a highly qualified professional who recognizes his or her responsibility to maintain the considerable value trees can add to life and property.

The cold, hard truth is – anyone can call themselves a “tree service”, start a chain saw and cut a tree down. That doesn’t make them truly qualified to do the job properly.

When To Hire an Arborist

TREE PRUNING – Arborists can determine what type of pruning is best for the individual tree to maintain its health and improve its appearance and safety. Also, if pruning requires a ladder and a chainsaw, hire a professional.

TREE REMOVAL – Arborists can help determine whether or not a tree should be removed, though usually this is a last resort. Arborists have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees. Tree removal is dangerous and should be done by a tree care professional.

EMERGENCY TREE CARE – Storms can cause major damage to limbs or entire trees. These trees need to be removed or trimmed to lessen the long-term damage to the tree and surrounding property. This is dangerous work and an arborist should be hired to perform this job safely.

PLANTING – Planting the right tree in the right place is important for the long term health of the tree. Arborists can recommend the appropriate tree for the desired location and assist in proper planting.

There are many other services that arborists provide when necessary such as fertilization, insect control, cabling, aeration, and lightning protection. Consulting with an arborist and establishing a plant health care plan will help determine when these services are necessary.


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